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The Bathroom Reno.

A query from Melbourne and requested quote for two project pieces came through, with a timeline to ensure everything came together in this full bathroom renovation. The client sought one of my reclaimed free-standing bathroom vanities, and matching shaving cabinet.

We jumped on a phone call to discuss the little details like LED light, cable hole and mirror of the shaving cabinet and to discuss the big details, like the use of recycled timber, finish type and level, timeline, freight, left or right hinge and dimensions.

Having seen some of our prior reclaimed Messmate furniture projects, the client was excited to hear that I had more of the same batch available for these two pieces. Details and timber sorted, invoicing, paying, and building began with the timeline in mind. To maintain some of the reclaimed timbers natural and historical character, we went with a semi-rustic finish complimented with black epoxy and black hardware.

For the shaving cabinet we decided on one large door so there was no seam in the mirror created by using two doors. We also added a small recess behind the door so that appliance cables could be run from the power point inside the cabinet to outside, and still have the door closed for use.

Along the way we kept in touch to ensure the renovation, and the custom pieces were all on track as planned, and to discuss those ‘other’ details that pop up along the way when building custom pieces. It’s little thoughts like ‘which side does the client want the cable to run from’ that make choosing custom furniture a great option. 

The modern style of the bathroom and the more traditional timber vanity and shaving cabinet combine wonderfully to create an aesthetically pleasing but functionally bathroom space.