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Craftsmanship that sets the

table for memories.

Making custom wood furniture with meaning

The struggle is over. You can stop wasting precious time checking local furniture stores and scrolling the internet to find the perfect piece. Trying to match something to a specific space in the right colour, design and timber is no easy feat. But it’s a challenge I love to overcome.

My passion is creating custom wood furniture that tells a story or becomes place makers for new ones. I use sustainably sourced and reclaimed materials to fashion tailor-made furniture driven by a customer’s vision.

The goal is to ensure you get exactly what you’re after, so you value it forever.


Life is more meaningful with purpose.

When something we use for a purpose has meaning, the value that adds is immeasurable.

Sounds interesting, but you don’t know where to start?

Custom wood furniture Portfolio

You can visit our portfolio here to see what others have created, and the wonderful stories behind them. 

And take note, while I’m all about creating durable pieces that are rich in meaning and fit for purpose, I never intend to break the bank.


Still not quite sure why you’d choose me?

Few people can say that their livelihood is also their passion. I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. I started making things with my hands as a child and have never really stopped.

I love nothing more than using those skills to help people turn the vision of a unique piece into a reality – especially when it tells a story.

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