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Have you been wanting your own custom piece but weren’t sure where to start? Why not browse our Available Now catalog and have something straight away. 

The Bradbury dining table

Material: Reclaimed hardwoods

Size: 2200L x 950W x 750T

Price: $2250+gst

The Woodhouse dining table

Material: Reclaimed hardwoods

Size: 2000L x 985W x 750T

Price: $1950+gst

The Woodhouse STEEL FRAME

Material: White steel legs and reclaimed hardwood top

Size: 2435L x 1130W x 770T

Price: $2365+gst

The barrel base

Material: Recycled Stringybark with pedestal base from reclaimed wine barrel stays

Size: 1150mm diameter

Price: $4545+gst

The woodhouse butchers block

Material: Reclaimed Hardwoods

Size: 1600L x 700W x 900T

Price: $2145+gst

The 'Natural Frankenstein' redgum table with oak inlay

Material: Redgum, Merbau and Oak

Size: 1010L x 310W x 900T

Price: $1350+gst

The natural Norfolk hall table

Material: Norfolk Pine and Merbau

Size: 1280L x 320W x 890T

Price: $1300+gst

The Corner reclaimed nook table

Material: Reclaimed Wandoo and Steel Legs

Size: 900L x 900W x 750T

Price: $1000+gst

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