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What is it?

Fiddes has a long and proud history of caring for timber that began with the founder, Albert Fiddes, in the United Kingdom in the early part of last century and continues to this day. With a long history of using technology and the finest raw materials to create a range of finishes, you can see why Fiddes have a global reach. 

Where I use it:

Fiddes Outdoor Furniture Oil is one of my preferred exterior finishes. It is made with a blend of naturally occurring oils and resins to provide a durable satin finish that is water repellent and weather resistant and won’t peel or flake over time. It maintains the natural look and feel of the timber preventing that plastic coating feel that occurs with some other finishes.

Why I use it:

Application is easy so the recommended annual recoat of your bespoke outdoor table isn’t a huge undertaking. Simply lightly sand with 150 grit sandpaper, wipe the surface down and brush on to rejuvenate the look of the piece, and to maintain the surface.