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Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinet – It’s a bit different and an example of how we work together to create your stunning custom furniture piece.

Wondering how to start the journey towards your custom piece? Perhaps you’ve seen something you like or simply know you want an Australian made reclaimed furniture piece. Something that is truly unique to you and your needs. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that as I can help make your vision a reality. And if you don’t know what style, I can help with that too.  

In this case, the clients arrived with printed copies of some designs they liked that just didn’t fully hit the mark. We discussed at length what they liked about the examples they showed me, what was important to them like a hidden draw and sizing to allow DVD storage, and what type of timber tones they were seeking. After seeing a few timber samples around the workshop, they decided on Blackwood. From here, I sketched up a couple of options noting the key details to get their approval before putting tools to wood and getting the build underway.

Deposit paid; the Blackwood was sourced from a local Yackandandah supplier who focuses on a sustainable business model that sees trees planted more than cut down. The owner jokingly says he will never live long enough to benefit from his current planting yet continues to re-plant for future generations.    

As is normal with bespoke pieces, the client and I spoke numerous times during the build and made a few design tweaks to further enhance the piece and maintain the aesthetic appeal. This is important to me as I want my creation to not only meet your functionality needs perfectly but also tick that aesthetic appeal box since you’ll be looking at it for years to come.