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The stories behind our pieces

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinet – It’s a bit different and an example of how we work together to create your stunning custom furniture piece. Wondering how to


What is it? Fiddes has a long and proud history of caring for timber that began with the founder, Albert Fiddes, in the United Kingdom

Hard As Nails.

This one’s unique as it’s made from reclaimed Wandoo. It is a fabulous Western Australian timber and typically hard to source on the east coast

The Bathroom Reno.

A query from Melbourne and requested quote for two project pieces came through, with a timeline to ensure everything came together in this full bathroom

A Story of Survival.

Imagine losing your house and contents to a fire. Just devastating. But imagine discovering that your shed survived and with it the red gum slabs


Where, wear, ware…… what shall we call it. It’s a common thing with timber species – Tasmanian Oak is also called Mountain ash, alpine ash,

Wood Movement.

Being a natural product that absorbs moisture, timber continues to move throughout its lifespan. This doesn’t stop just because the tree is cut into pieces

Product Care and Maintenance.

RUBIO MONOCOAT If your piece is finished with Rubio Monocoat, the following are some general care instructions: General cleaning using a dry duster, small amounts


What is it? Varnish is a clear and transparent coating that acts as a film on a timber surface. Typically made up from a drying